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Previous Case Studies

DISCLAIMER: The following bats were in our care whilst we were certified UK BCT Bat Carers. Members of the public should avoid handling bats, but if it is necessary WEAR GLOVES due to the small risk of a type of rabies.

UK: For more information, please visit 'Basic Bat Care' on Bat Conservation Trust website.

Canada: For more information, please visit your Provinces' Ministry of Natural Resources website.


Species: Common pipistrelle

Found: Inside building (UK)

Taken into care: April 2018

Likely cause of grounding: Underweight

Weight at start: 0.5g

Weight at release: 4.5g

Released?: Yes - end of May 2018

More info: The people who found Geoffrey crawling up the corridor in their business building were inspired through their experience of finding and helping out a bat and decided to get more involved with bats as a result!




Species: Common pipistrelle

Found: Grounded outside with wing tears (UK)

Taken into care: July 2018

Likely cause of grounding: Caught by cat (holes in wing)

Weight at start: 4g

Weight at release: 

Released?: No - died in care of unknown cause

More info: Frigg (named after Friday 13th) was a very chatty bat and likes to hang upside down in his custom made pouch.


Mid-July 2018

End of July 2018




Species: Common pipistrelle

Found: Grounded outside with puncture wounds (UK)

Taken into care: May 2018 by Devon bat carer

Likely cause of grounding: Caught by cat

Weight at start: 3.8g

Weight at release: 5g

Released?: Yes - collected by us and released back at site found

More info: Dewi was collected by a Devon bat carer who described him as fiesty and noisy. When released he was very eager to go and was shouting for us to let him go.


Cornelius (Fudge)


Species: Common pipistrelle

Found: Flying around house in daylight (UK)

Taken into care: July 2018

Likely cause of grounding: Underweight, dehydrated and very young

Weight at start: 2g

Weight at release: N/A

Released?: No - died 24 hours after being taken into care

More info: Fudge's finder also took many professional photos of him whilst he was waiting for us to turn up, which BCT now uses to demonstrate how baby bats look when found. 




Species: Soprano pipistrelle

Found: On floor in someone's garden (UK)

Taken into care: September 2018

Likely cause of grounding: Unknown

Weight at start: 4g

Weight at release: 4.2g

Released?: Yes - next day

More info: Theseus (named as Chloe was close to submitting her PhD thesis) took a long time to take off when released and instead kept trying to hide between Jessie's fingers.



Species: Big brown bat

Found: Grounded in woodland (Canada)

Taken into care: June 2020

Likely cause of grounding: Cat attack

Weight at start: N/A

Weight at release: N/A

Released?: No - euthanized on welfare grounds

More info: Conker was found with multiple fractures and wing tears. He was very skinny and dehydrated. The kindest thing to do for this bat was to euthanize due to the extent of injuries. 

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