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Case Studies

DISCLAIMER: The images below involve trained and certified Marine Mammal medics. Members of the public should not approach or touch a stranded cetacean.

UK: For more information, visit the British Divers Marine Life Rescue website.

Canada: For more information, visit the Oceanographic Environmental Research Society website.

Species: Short-beaked common dolphin

Year: 2017

Location: West Cross, Swansea (UK)

Outcome: Euthanised

Necropsy: Generalised bacteria infection

This common dolphin initially live stranded in Port Talbot a few days previous and was successfully refloated, however the animal restranded in Swansea Bay. After 3 hours supporting the animal in the sea the decision was made to euthanise the animal as breathing became laboured and animal could not keep itself upright.

CSIP collected and results indicated the animal was an older male who had a significant degree of bacterial infection.


©RNLI/Dan Herbert Evans


Species: Short-beaked common dolphin

Year: 2018

Location: Newgale, Pembrokeshire (UK)

Outcome: Died

Necropsy: Cause of death unknown.

This common dolphin initially live stranded in Newgale, however died shortly after medics arrived. The dolphin was in poor nutritional state and could not keep itself upright when a member of the public attempted to refloat. 

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